What I Do:
My goal is to demystify databases, business Intelligence software and reporting systems so business owners and professional staff can make informed decisions and perform accurate and analysis. I provide repeatable pathways for reporting and data architecture and database administation. I excel at Integrateating disparate business systems, moving, legacy databases and systems to the cloud.

 If it uses SQL I can make it faster, more efficient or tweak the system in ways that are beneficial to your organization. Some sample projects that I have worked on recently are as follows.

• Convert MS Access Database To SQL Server / Web site
• Convert Postgres to MS-SQL
• Query data from equipment such as Coffee roasters 
• Query laser rang finders and measuring equipment
• Manage and Enhance ERP systems such as People soft | MS NAV | SAP
• Reporting Reporting Reporting any platform any product
• Consolidate SQL ervers
• Troubleshot and audit SQL Server on VMware

Linked In Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mike-bennyhoff-78317282/

Phone: 916-303-3627

EMail: [email protected]

Membership Manager

Membership Manager - Provides meeting registration and membership management services for organizations with less than 5K members, some of the more notable features include.
 • Secure documents
 • Meeting registration
 • Custom payment platform
 • Custom forms and reports
 • List server Provides meeting registration and membership management services for organizations with less than 5K members, some of the more notable features include Secure documents |Meeting registration custom payment platform.

SQL Server Consulting

We have extensive knowledge in all aspects of monitoring, replication, tuning, upgrading, migrating, auditing, reporting, cloud, and high availability solutions. Our services, which are optimized for on premise, private cloud, and Microsoft Azure-based environments, ensure the speed, security, and road map of your systems and your data. Our services include: Microsoft SQL Server database installation, configuration, and setup (2000, 2005, 2008 R2, 2012, 2014) Data modeling, database design, and audits Performance tuning, capacity planning, T-SQL coding, and optimization High availability/Disaster recovery (Clustering, Log Shipping, Mirroring) Upgrades, migrations, replication Integration Services (SSIS) and general ETL development Business Intelligence: SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Advanced troubleshooting Cloud migration Monitoring.

Limited Time Offer

Send an E-Mail to [email protected] With the subject Free Consulting #1 to obtain a free hour of SQL consulting or a demo of Membership Manager.

Customer Segments

  • Non-profits
  • Associations
  • Medical Manufacturing
  • Warehousing


  • Aerospace
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Medical Services and Staffing
  • Consumer Food / Beverages
  • Radio and Media

Reporting Solutions

Customize your existing reports or create new reports.

Software and Data Integration

Simplify your data systems and combine data from multiple platforms

Database Solutions

SQL query Optimization and performance tuning, index optimizations and structured maintenance

Process Improvement

Custom Reporting Solutions Whether you need to customize existing reports, new reports , or need a new reporting solution altogether we can help. If you have the data, we can generate the reports. We have built reports for hundreds of systems and can do so for you as well.  SAP | MS Dynamics | Askesis | People Soft | JD Edwards | many more....

Disaster Recovery

Recover corrupted databases or prevent data loss altogether. We can also provide an audit of your backup solution.

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