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SQL Server M&M


SQL Server Maintenance and Management – Manage SQL Server With My Expertise.

SQL Server Maintenance and Management – Manage SQL Server with my Expertise

Are you a busy Network Administrator or IT Director, or are you looking for an SQL Server to perform at maximum efficiency? Look no more! With over 20 years of experience, I can help you reach your technology goals! With a copy of SQL Server Maintenance and Management, you will reduce management complexity and ensure maximum uptime: if you copy-paste code from the net, who knows what it will do? Let SQL M&M help you by:



  • When one process takes 100% of system resources and hobbles other processes.

  • Buffer Pool – Is your system effectively and efficiently using the RAM you have allocated?

  • Disk and Log Space – Monitor if logs and disks are about to become full or are already full!

  • Both failed and runaway – SQL Server does not natively monitor runaway jobs that SQL M&M can.

  • Security – Numerous security checks daily and monitoring for SA log on every 10 min.


  • Rebuild or reorganize. Let SQL M&M decide what's best!

  • Build stats at the right time. Increase performance.

  • Full, incremental, log, copy-only, mirror, differential: let my software guide you!


Price: $995 per month, with a one-year agreement.

What is in the box:

  • Install M&M software

  • Run book

  • SQL Audit

  • 5 consulting hours/per month

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