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Why Choose Modern Data Solutions From Bennyhoff Products and Services


Bennyhoff Products And Services provides innovative, cutting-edge data solutions for businesses and organizations of all sizes. My goal is to help your organization harness data to improve operational awareness, create value for stakeholders, enable context-driven and domain-relevant analytics.


I know how to implement modern data solutions and why you might need this type of analysis. I have an MBA and 20+ years of experience. I have a genuine interest in helping you or your company succeed with dashboards, analytics or data warehousing.


I combine leading my 10 years of consulting with business expertise to transform how you see, use and surface data. My solutions get actionable insights quickly.

What I Can Help You With: 

As your business grows, your data needs will change. You may need to scale up your data analytics capacity or add new reporting functionality to your management systems. Bennyhoff can help you with the following.


Power BI

Power BI is a cloud-based business intelligence and analytics service that enables you to visualize your data and share insights across your organization. Bennyhoff Products and Services offers a complete line of modern data solutions to help you make better decisions faster.


BPS (Bennyhoff Products and Services) is modern data solutions built on the Microsoft Power platform, which includes Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate. The platform is designed to give you the flexibility to build custom apps and workflows to meet your specific analytics , dash-boarding and reporting needs.

SQL Server Maintenance and Monitoring 

The SQL Server Maintenance and Monitoring from Bennyhoff Products and Services is the most comprehensive solution available today.


It provides you with everything necessary to keep SQL Server running optimally including

  • Indexing

  • Backups

  • Auditing

  • Notifications on serious SQL issues 

Live Training

When considering data solutions for your business, you want a modern, reliable, and affordable company. Bennyhoff Products and Services offers all of these things and more. As a leading data solutions provider, I have the public speaking and training experience and expertise to empower your staff to fully utilize Power BI, The Power Platform and SQL Server. Live training sessions can be purchased by the day or hour for your organization. These training services can be generic or be customized to your organization. 


SQL Audit

I have audited hundreds of SQL servers and know what to look for in a successfully implemented system. I can review your system in terms of backup and recovery, audit security and stability and system and give you a detailed analysis of overall system health. 

My Process

At BPS, I start by understanding my client's needs first, then work with them to develop a personalized budget-friendly solution that suits their needs. Customers are assured of a customized hands-on approach for their data analytics, visualization, and management needs.  

Stages Involved

When considering implementing contemporary data solutions, working with a firm that understands your company’s needs is essential. At BPS, I involve my clients in every stage of building data analysis tools. Here are the steps I use when implementing a company’s data warehouse system: 

1st Step: Determining The Items That Are Not In Scope

Data quality is of utmost importance for a data warehouse to be successfully implemented. I first identify the issues and then use them to develop an effective solution. While doing this, I also identify the needed data items and the transformation that must be done. 


2nd Step: Estimating the Project Budget

My company helps its clients adopt modern data analysis at affordable rates; I charge $150 every hour with a 15-hours purchase minimum. 

3rd Step: Goals And Objectives Confirmation

I use the SMART approach to develop realistic project objectives, so my clients can understand the expected outcome and minimize the project duration. 

4th Step: Data Modeling 

At BPS, we use data modeling tools to create the data warehouse’s schema that defines the relationship between objects and data. 


5th Step: Loading Data Using ETL Tools

Once I’ve identified my client’s data elements and sources, I use APIs to obtain data from the identified sources and use ETL tools to load the data into the warehouse’s database. 

6th Step: Setting Up ODS Database

After loading the data, I create an ODS database that acts as a buffer between your OLTP and data warehouse. This step is essential as it reduces the chances of your data warehouse failing in night builds.    

7th Step: Data Population

In the next stage, I use an ODS to determine the ETL tool; once I am confident everything is in mint condition, I use the ETL tool to populate the Data warehouse based on the schema used in data modeling. 

8th Step: SQL SSAS and Azure Synapse Population

Data integration into the data warehouse provides excellent value; it’s essential to populate the data in your existing databases, including SaaS tools. I use Azure Synapse to automate the process of loading data from various sources to your company’s data warehouse. 

Get In Touch With BPS Today!The primary goal of having a data warehouse is to get business intelligence. I’ll implement Power BI to help your company visualize data obtained from the warehouse to help you make informed decisions. Hire me today, and I’ll work with your company to determine an effective way to implement contemporary data solutions and gain actionable insights. 


We’re a Good Fit If You: 

1. You value your company data.


2. You need timely, relevant information for you or your external partners to make better decisions.


3. You must mash data from several sources to make competent decisions.


4. You need to enable rapid report generation vs. coding reports; you want to drag and drop reports vs. code them.


5. You want to bridge legacy systems with newer cloud platforms.


6. You want to use data to win and retain more customers.


7. You want to improve operational efficiencies and reduce overall costs.


If you can identify with any of the statements above, you need to talk to me.


Why Hire Me?

  • I have a Master of Business Administration (MBA)

  • 20+ years of Information Technology experience 

  • I’m an actual person; no chatbots, no telephone tree I have the desire and passion to help you archive

  • I have helped businesses like yours solve their business data problems.


Let’s Get Rolling

Contact me today to learn more about how I can help you get the most out of your data.