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Azure And Power BI Consulting Services

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Bennyhoff Products And Services LLC is unlocking the power of Power BI and Azure to help businesses take their analytics far beyond a simple copy-paste. Our business analytics allow for actionable insights from various sources, leveraging artificial intelligence so that real-time trends can be monitored with smart alerts requiring minimal user effort instead of traditional manual delivery methods like mass e-mailing.

If you would like consulting services - Reach out by chat, e-mail or phone. I sell consulting in either 30 minute or 15 hour increments. Please see the link below for prices.
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Data Analysis  

Microsoft's Power BI and SQL Server allow users to take data analysis up a notch. Combining the intuitive visuals of Power BI with the reliable storage capabilities of SQL Server, professionals can unlock informative insights from their data quickly and easily - enabling them to make informed decisions in no time!


Data Lake House

Bennyhoff Products And Services LLC can make your journey to the Azure data lake-house a success. Our proven process works in five key stages: discovering and gathering pertinent information, storing it securely, cleansing and preparing for analysis, cataloging its organization structure before finally setting up processing pathways with regular monitoring thereafter.

Azure Enablement

With an extensive experience in the Azure cloud, Bennyhoff Products And Services LLC is at the forefront of digital transformation. All your needs for enterprise-level data services such as Cosmos DB, Azure DB and Synapse are only a call away from our knowledgeable team who can help you leverage this technology to its full potential!

SQL Consulting Services

We Help You…

Let Bennyhoff Products and Services take the worry out of managing your data securely! We specialize in providing superior SQL performance with our thorough validation and verification process. No need to stress yourself over these technical details; we'll make sure you have peace of mind knowing that all your needs are taken care of.


SQL Server Management

Bennyhoff Products And Services offers comprehensive SQL Server Management services that can help you achieve optimal performance, security and reliability for your database. Our experienced team provides a range of reliable solutions to manage your Microsoft SQL Server system efficiently, such as backing up the data for protecting against loss, scheduling regular maintenance tasks, and monitoring systems.


SQL Server Review and Audit

At Bennyhoff Products And Services, we understand that regularly auditing a SQL Server is an effective way to protect organizations from potential issues related to security and compliance, as well as optimize overall performance. Our Auditing services provide invaluable insight into your server's data and performance Experience peace of mind knowing our team will ensure your information remains secure and compliant with industry standards at all times..


ETL and Data Imports

Bennyhoff Products and Services is dedicated to masterfully assisting businesses with their data transformation needs. We specialize in utilizing Azure technologies such as Data Factory, Databricks, and Stream Analytics—all of which are components used during the Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) process—to help our clients organize raw information extracted from multiple sources into an appropriate format before loading it onto a target system.

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