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Power BI


Microsoft Power BI, is a business analytics tool created to analyze, surface, and share data insights. I can implement a Power BI and Azure-based reporting, dashboards and paginated reports that will create meaningful insights. I will quickly understand your data, organization, and reporting concept. See my Power BI project plan for how I might execute a simple reporting project.

Why Choose Power BI

How Mike Bennyhoff Can Help You and Your Team
With 20+ years of consulting experience focused on dashboard design, business analytics, and data visualization, I have helped some of the largest and most prestigious companies in the United States gain fruition in reaching their tech goals. I want to help you, too. With clients like Rolls-Royce, Hewlett Packard, and Sysco Foods, I know how to work with large-scale employers, but I also have worked with the California State Department of Water Resources, the City of Berkley, and a multitude of start-ups.

With a Master's in Business Administration, I know WHY you are trying to collect and display your data. With  the technical experience to know HOW to implement your project inside of Power BI, I can take your projects to the next level.


I would love to talk with you about your next project or venture. Please call, chat, or email me at any time for consultation about your Power BI project.


Please See My Price Sheet For Current Prices For Power BI / Azure / ETL Consulting Services.

Specific Power BI Projects:


    Benetech's founder, Jim Fruchterman, cofounded a VC-backed tech company called Calera Recognition Systems. Calera invented the first successful machine that could read almost any printed font, without requiring human training. Soon, Fruchterman and the Calera team began prototyping a reading machine for the blind. Jim realized his dream didn't fit in with the for-profit model, and therefore, Benetech was born. With a business model intended to keep costs low for users, Benetech quickly became the largest maker of affordable reading systems for the blind. I helped Benetech by:

  • Creating and managing a data-warehouse, containing data on 14+ million eBooks in 50+ countries.

  • Designing the initial Power BI Setup and conversion from Reporting Services.

  • Developing 25+ Paginated and Power BI dashboards.


  • GroupOne is a customer-centered business that gives clients custom IT solutions and protects their technological infrastructure. . In their “relentless pursuit of operational excellence,” they “collaborate with clients to ensure their objectives are achieved and results are acknowledged.” .  I helped GroupOne by:

  • Creating an Operational Data Store and hybrid data-warehouse.

  • Completing initial Power BI Setup, and conversion from Reporting Services.

  • Developing10+ Paginated, and two dashboards in Power BI.

  • Developing a Power Apps application to support data entry and configuration

If you're ready to elevate your data projects, I would love to chat with you. Contact him today via phone, chat, or email for consultation on your Power BI project.

Phone 916-303-3627


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