What Is The Power BI Data Gateway

Updated: Sep 2

Large datasets and existing investments can be taken care of with a Power BI gateway. Reports are up-to-date with sources from which you don’t need to move data. With a Power BI gateway, your life is made easier and data is managed with efficiency.

A data gateway offers one option for all of your cloud applications; for example, with a Power BI gateway, Power BI, Power Apps, Azure Logic and its Apps, and Power Automate can all be used. Installation is easy, and cloud credentials are encrypted and decrypted within the gateway.

Tips and Benefits for Power BI Gateway

With a gateway that is standard, there are benefits that include:

· Cloud services, including Azure Logic and Analysis, Dataflows, Power BI,

· Scheduled refresh and import data

· DirectQuery and Analysis Services support

Personal connection gateway has benefits, which include:

· Power BI - managed with users who aren’t administrators

· Credentials run as single user not in organization

· Scheduled refresh and import data for users

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