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How to Ensure Your Data Is Beautiful

When putting data into matrices or tables in Power BI, there are features you can add to enhance data and ease of visibility. Titles and graphics add to a table and help users visualize your data with ease. “In Power BI, you also have a lot of formatting options,” says Bas from “How to Power BI.” “In PowerPoint we have all of the tools that we need to build the placeholders for the visualizations and the background of our report. Now, the big benefit is also, then we just have one image that we can use as the background instead of having all different kinds of objects that need to load separately.” With a new slide, incorporate colors, shapes, and font and size to maximize visual acuity and appeal for your analysis. Cards use same shapes, and you can use visualizations and colors: gradients and text enhance matrices as well. Consider the 2 below data graphs. The first was tabulated without the use of Microsoft PowerPoint: which is more enticing to you? With colors, graphics, graphs, and text changes, your information pops in the slides. Mini data graphs also incorporate data into the table, which is invaluable to users who are investigating your data to learn more.

Guy in a Cube offers advice for improving Power BI reports.

Custom Backgrounds and Themes

Backgrounds can offer readability for users and make a report more eye-appealing. The first graph is plainer, but the second incorporated different colors and gradients that increased appeal in the graph.

Themes also enhance reports: titles and colors truly improve graphs. Adam advises to ensure colors “complement each other as well as are accessible for folks (who) may be visually impaired.”

Tool Tips and Drillthrough

Guy in a Cube advises using Tool Tips which are available in Power BI. Report Page Tool Tips make reports enhanced. Extra info will improve usability for users. Drillthrough is something that offers users choice to “drill into … additional information for a specific item” or “help separate from a summary-level down to a detail-level.” Conditional drillthrough is an option, too. Conditional drillthrough makes a report “an app-like experience.” Decomposition in the report alters visuals – switches visuals and enhances graphs. Bookmarks and buttons also increase user efficacy.


Tips and tricks that allow users to make improved tables and matrices in Power BI are easy to use. Try out Power BI for incredible and improved data analysis.


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