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Updated: Sep 2

Microsoft is the leader in data and analytics, and this is reflected in Gartner's in this Magic Quadrant shown below. Microsoft has momentum in the data analytics space because of its offering in Office 365. Many of my clients ask me to create a cost comparison between Tableau and Power BI only to find out they have already purchased Power BI in their Office 365 E5 subscription; this means setup is only a few clicks away. Power BI offers data preparation, visual-based data discovery, interactive dashboards, and augmented analytics.

Strengths From Gartners

  • Alignment with Office 365, Teams and Azure Synapse: Power BI in Office 365 E5 SKU has given employers a huge reach for their technological models. The ability to merge Power BI and now "goals" within the same Teams interface is a key player in attracting business users. Power BI and Azure Synapse alignment boasts the things employers have been seeking.

  • Price/value combination: Power BI does not sacrifice quality for cost.. Power BI cloud service has a myriad of facets that may be just right for your business!

  • Power portfolio and product ambition: Microsoft knew what it was doing with Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate. Power Apps can be embedded in Power BI dashboards or access Power BI datasets, and Power Automate flows can be constructed to take different actions based on data. AI-powered services, for example text, sentiment and images, are available within Power BI Premium.

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