SQL Audit


SQL Server Audit 

SQL Server Audit – Is your SQL Server running efficiently and effectively? Find out now with my software and expertise!

An SQL Audit is for you, if you have performance issues or would like peace of mind with your system. Many organizations have an SQL instance, but don’t have internal staff to manage or care for their SQL Server. An SQL Audit is a good choice, if you are not confident you have adequately allocated CPU and  RAM for your Server.


Audit Deliverables

  • General Audit of the system – an overview that checks the most common problems.

  • Database Info – What database is using most of the disk, RAM CPU.

  • Indexes – Are your indexes helping or just consuming disk space?

  • High CPU queries – Can we tune the queries for you for better performance?

  • Security – numerous security checks.

  • Backups – Do you have the right backup plan?


And much more…


Contact me today to schedule your next SQL Audit! Turn-around is one day, and results are reviewed when you are available!


Price: $495


What is in the box:

  • SQL Audit – please see linked document.

  • SQL Backup Document – please see linked document.

  • Meeting to review my findings