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I am seeking guest bloggers for my website. Below is an image of the site traffic: 20K people over a year, most in the last 90 days. I expect this to grow significantly in the next few months as I have introduced...

  • Google and Bing advertising

  • Guest Bloggers

  • Better SEO and content overall

Linked In Profile with 20K Connections.


Write a blog, and I will post it and a link to your bio, LinkedIn, or website.

What you get

Post on a site that has 20K visitors per year and is growing rapidly, and possibly repost on my LinkedIn page, which has 20K followers.

What I get

A free blog article, goodwill, and possibly increased website traffic. In addition, if you want to be nice, a backlink from your website...if you do not have a website, no problem, let's talk anyway.

Let's talk if you are interested -- 916-303-3627

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