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Data Quality Component

The Data Quality Client is a component of SQL Server Data Quality Services (DQS), which is a feature of SQL Server Enterprise and Business Intelligence editions. The Data Quality Client provides a graphical user interface for configuring and managing data quality projects, which are used to identify and resolve data quality issues in large datasets. The Data Quality Client allows users to create and manage knowledge bases, which are collections of rules, data domains, and reference data that are used to perform data validation and enrichment. It also provides tools for profiling data, discovering relationships between data elements, and cleansing data by applying standardized values or correcting errors. Some of the key features of the Data Quality Client include:

  • Domain management: Allows users to define and manage data domains, which represent specific types of data (such as postal codes, phone numbers, or email addresses) and the rules for validating and cleansing them.

  • Matching and deduplication: Provides tools for identifying and resolving duplicate records in a dataset by comparing data elements and applying matching rules.

  • Reference data management: Allows users to import and manage reference data, such as lookup tables or external data sources, that can be used to enrich or validate data.

  • Integration with SSIS: Provides integration with SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), allowing users to create data quality projects as part of an SSIS package and incorporate data quality processes into ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) workflows.

Overall, the Data Quality Client is a powerful tool for improving the accuracy and consistency of data in large datasets, and can help organizations to reduce errors, improve data governance, and make better-informed decisions based on high-quality data.

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