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A Few Things To Ask During An Initial Recruiter Call

For anyone who has known me longer than 5 minutes, you know that I love being an independent contractor. I provide database and analysis services for such technologies as SQL Server, MSFT Azure and Crystal Reports. However, many new independent contractors fall into trouble when dealing with recruiters. I write this post so you can avoid some of the mistake that I have made over my career of 20 years.

Things to ask during an initial recruiter call Who is the client? Recruiters are generally cagey about giving up this information. They rightfully are worried that you will take this information and bid the work with someone else. However, this question give you can insight to their relationship with the end client. If they have a strong personal relationship or a contractual agreement with the end customer, they are likely to give this out. If they have no relationship, and they are bidding from a public request for services they are not likely to give this information out. What is your relationship with the client?

This question will gives you a sense where this person is in the hierarchy of the recruitment firm. For example, if they have no relationship with the client and say their supervisor deals directly with the client, they are likely an underling, who is grinding away for the company rainmaker…..the person what you will need to speak with to close the deal. What are the qualifications the client is looking for? The recruiter has list of the skills that the perfect candidate has. Remember recruiters shop for talent based on their clients request not necessarily charisma. Recruiters are looking for someone who as x number of years with skill A B and C. Where a regular employer looks for a mix of skills and a good fir fit with their organization.

Best Luck Mike Bennyhoff CEO Bennyhoff Products And Services

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