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Why I Started My Own Company (Hint It Was Not For The Salary Hours Or Health Plan)

I formed Bennyhoff Products And Services LLC because I was laid off 6 times in 10 years and I wanted more stability, control and stability in my professional life and brand. In my early career starting in 2000, I thought employment at large companies would insulate me from swings in the market and provide a steady path for growth. In 2000, I was a new father and simply wanted fair wages for fair work. One of my managers at Sysco Foods, and still my friend to this day, said “this business is recession and depression proof and he was right. However, the business was not immune to changes technical landscape.

The outsourcing fad soon shortly engulfed the company and my job class was eliminated. My manager called me at 11:00 PM and tell me my position had been eliminated. This was a surreal moment for me as I was standing in line in an LA emergency room. My child starting puking and would not stop so sought emergency services. Bad timing does not begin to describe the situation. –Jim, if you are reading this, you were the best manager I ever worked for, despite the late-night call!

In another instance in 2009, I was told the company was reorganizing but that I would be allowed to interview for the same position I had previously been doing for the past 3 years. In that particular instance, all of the people in the room looked around and all collectively asked did he just say what I thought he said – it was a made-for-TV moment. These two instances make for funny memories now but were crushing when they occurred. The four other times I was laid off were handled professedly with no drama but the effect was still the same Re-vise Resume, Re-apply, and Re-Assure my family that everything was going to be OK.

The last time I was laid off I decided to change up the pattern and ensure that if one employer decided to not use my services that would be OK as I would have three more to make up the difference. The only way to do this was to form a company, the company was called Bennyhoff Products And Services LLC. The idea to start my start and own a company had been maturing in my head for about 10 years but I never had the guts to pull it off, until I was laid off again in 2013.

The time was right, and I wanted more. I wanted to secure steady employment for my family and not have to worry about keeping my resume up to date. I wanted to do business on my terms. I wanted to control how my brand was viewed. I wanted to enjoy the people I work with and did not feel like leaving any of this to a standard employer-employee relationship was good enough.

I formed BPS with the following thoughts.

• I do quality work and work with only the best clients. Most of my customers have become my friends – I even married one! Let's start a partnership, where I can help your organization deliver on your IT / Data goals.

• I believe in honesty and delivering value to your company. If I cannot do it I will tell you and recommend someone else. If you do not like what I have delivered, you do not pay for it, no paperwork, no runaround.

• I believe in making your job easier, that is why you hired a consult right, this; means doing the work your way. Using the proper processes and procedures.

Mike Bennyhoff

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