Power BI Accessibility Features

Updated: Oct 25

Power BI boasts a swiftly-adapting and efficient method for organizing and formulating data in an ever-changing modern world. As a forerunner in analysis of data for your organization. Power BI hosts a myriad of avenues for maintaining streamlined analyses and keeping your team’s data organized ,but some of them are key to keeping your employees’ data efficiently at their fingertips. Read on for some of the best advantages of Power BI’s accessibility.

Power BI Complies with

US Section 508 - US Section 508 is a standard that requires governments and federal agencies to make their electronic and information technology accessible to people with disabilities.

EN 301 549 - EN 301 549 is the Harmonized European Standard for Accessibility requirements for ICT products and services.

Built-in Accessibility Features

Power BI offers features built-in to the system that increase accessibility people with low vision or visual impairments . For example, pressing the question mark on the keyboard brings up various shortcuts; screen readers can be used; high contrast colors illustrate how important data should be easily accessible to users. Regarding applications that can make the Power BI view more user-friendly, Show Data Table and Focus Mode both work to increase the tactics of a workable interface, certainly for users who sit in front of various screens all day. For users who are making their reports, different features will work to enhance a technical. Alt text offers another way to read what appears in pictures, featuring conditional formatting for data that is non-static. Tab orders, labels and titles, and markers all customize illustrations that make a report easier to comprehend. When organizing data into a report, the ease of accessibility of Power BI enhances consumer clarity, propelling your product into a top-tier level.

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