How is Power BI Licensed?

Updated: Oct 21

The Ease of Power BI

If you are a team member in an information technology or similar organization, you are likely familiar with Power BI. A leader in its area for data analysis and organization, Power BI allows team members to efficiently collaborate, and use real-time updates to enhance team cohesiveness and smooth transmission of information technology. Focusing on a display that yields accessibility, Power BI keeps competitors at bay by providing many options for high ease-of-use. If you’re wondering about the licensing for Power BI, read on to discover more.

Power BI Pro

If you’re interested in Power BI Pro, you’re in a good place. Offering a cost of $9.99 per month, Power BI’s Pro option allows you access to all its modern features with Microsoft 365. The option offers mobile app access, and your users will have the ability to collaborate and publish shared reports. The model size limit is 1 gigabyte and refresh rate is 8/day. Power BI offers encryption and metrics consumption and publishing across the board; with AI visuals and controls for API, this option may be the right one for your work.

Power BI Premium – For Each User

Premium for each user offers all the features of Pro, but is able to be licensed to users who have a necessity for data management and access at an organization level. There is advanced AI, paginated reports, and the model size limit is 100 GB. Additionally, there is a 48/day refresh rate, AI visuals and API controls, and XMLA endpoint connectivity. Power BI offers the basic data security and metrics creation option, as well as lifecycle management. At a cost of $20 a month, Premium on Power BI may be the option for you.

Power BI Premium – Per Capacity

Power BI Premium – per capacity allows users to access data at enterprise scale. You need a Pro license for publishing into Premium capacity, and you can connect Azure to scale to Power BI Premium. With Premium per capacity, you also have mobile access, but can create content without a per-user license. On-premises reporting with report server also comes with this choice, and model size is 400 gigabyte limit. With per capacity, you have access to advanced AI, XMLA, dataflow, and datamart. Some tools with capacity are multi-geo deployment management, bring your own key, and add-on availability. Maximum storage is 100 terabytes and the cost is $4995 a month. Per capacity might be the best for you.

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