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Are Headhunter’s Evil?

On my first foray into consulting, I was recruited by an agency...a head hunter. They had contracted with a customer and wanted to hire me as a Production Database Administrator for SQL Server. The recruiter asked two or three questions about my skills and wanted to know if I would interview that day. I said yes! The customer called and interviewed me and gave me the job on the spot. I was interviewed on a Friday and started that Monday. Sounds great, right?

Some of the advantages of using a staffing agency / recruiter / headhunter

  • Headhunters have access to a wider range of job opportunities: Headhunters often have access to job openings that are not advertised to the general public.

  • Headhunters can save you time: Searching for a job can be a time-consuming process. A headhunter can do the legwork for you, identifying job opportunities that match your skills and experience and presenting them to you.

  • Headhunters can provide valuable career advice: Headhunters have extensive experience in the job market and can provide valuable advice on how to improve your resume, negotiate salary, and prepare for job interviews.

  • Headhunters can negotiate on your behalf: A headhunter can help you negotiate salary and other terms of employment, potentially securing a better offer for you.

  • Headhunters can provide insight into company culture: Headhunters often have inside information on the culture and working environment of the companagency/recruiteries they represent, which can be helpful in determining whether a particular job is a good fit for you.

Some of the disadvantages of using a staffing agency / recruiter / headhunter

  • Fees: Headhunters typically charge a fee to their clients, which may be a percentage of your first-year salary or a flat fee. This can be a significant cost, especially if you are not successful in securing a job through the headhunter.

  • Limited control: When you work with a headhunter, you are relinquishing some control over the job search process. The headhunter will present job opportunities to you, but you may not have the opportunity to actively search for and apply to jobs on your own.

  • Limited options: A headhunter may not present you with every available job opportunity that matches your skills and experience. They may only present you with job openings from companies they are currently working with.

  • Conflicts of interest: A headhunter's primary goal is to place candidates with their clients and earn their fee. This means that their interests may not always align with your own, and they may not be as focused on finding the best possible job for you.

  • Competition: Headhunters often work with a large number of clients, which means that you may be competing with other job seekers for the same opportunities

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