Are Headhunter’s Evil?

On one of my first forays into consulting I was recruited by a staffing agency recruiter. The end customer wanted to hire be as a production database administrator for SQL Server. The recruiter asked two or three questions about my skills and wanted to know if I would interview that day. I said yes! The end customer called and interviewed me and gave me the job on the spot. I was interviewed on a Friday and started that Monday. Sounds great, right?

I was quickly hired and excited to get started all thanks to a recruiter, but did I get a good deal? In part I of this article I will talk about recruiters and why you should use a recruiter, in the second part I will talk about the disadvantageous and pitfalls of using this type of service.

Some of the advantages of using a Staffing Agency / Recruiter / Headhunter

Pay / wage salary is usually known upfront. The staffing agent will say something like this is the position and it pays xyz. I love this part…its fast and efficient.

Job descriptions are usually well thought out, because recruiters cannot get the “Right” candidate if they do not know what they are looking for.

The recruiter has inside information about the employer, they know what the culture along with the what a successful candidate will bring to the table that is not written in the job posting.

Recruiters handle billing and collections and have the proper licensing so you do not have to worry about any of those items.

Recruiters many times have exclusive relationships with companies, meaning you simply cannot get into company xyz unless you use this particular recruiter.

Recruiters will coach you on what to say or give you a practice interview and more importantly they will give you tips on what subjects to avoid.

Recruiters will usually if asked give you pertinent resume info or critique, even if you do not get the job. A good idea is to ask how can I make my resume better more attractive easier to read ect.

Drug testing and on-boarding paperwork is made efficient and easy.

Most of the time you will be paid by the hour, this means that end client will not engage in meaningless make work type projects, useless and redundant paperwork or other meaningless activities that full time people are forced to endure.

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