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5 Tips to Take Your Power BI to the Next Level

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Backgrounds - Details

In our previous blog, we talked about custom backgrounds for Power BI tables and matrices. However, what are the details for increasing accessibility and appeal for a report? Easy steps include:

· Formatting page – no visuals

· Canvas backgrounds

· Browse

Themes – Details

“Custom themes are very helpful because it is a way to quickly change all the fonts and colors on your report without having to manually go and format each one individually,” says Grant from Collectiv. If you make “multiple reports that are all a part of the same set of reports, … you’re going to need the same style.” He confirms users who require more than 1 background use this a lot to create similar backgrounds. This enhances professionalism and ease.

Buttons – Bookmarks

Bookmarks increase functionality with users – click on the Information icon and make bookmarks visuals. Grant advises knowing how to use this to save space and improve Power BI reports.

Other – ToolTips and Drillthrough

Turn on Tooltips, click on report page, and tooltips: this increases more use of your report. Filters are applied on the page, also.

With Drillthrough, detailed view of reports is a benefit. To know why your numbers are changing, increase your analyzing distribution, and save space while utilizing data, use Drillthrough.

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