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Sample Power BI Project Plan With Hours

Updated: Jan 30

Interview Mike B

Determine if Bennyhoff Products & Services (Mike Bennyhoff) is the perfect organization to fulfill your request. BPS billing policies are listed in the linked post here I use Jira as hours-tracing software; I suggest weekly meetings are the best way to communicate and keep your project on time and under budget.

Is Power BI Right For Your Project

Power BI is a fast, flexible tool that can visualize and surface data and enable AI/ML data analysis; despite these features, it might not be the best tool for your project. As part of your initial consultation, I will review your requirements, and determine if Power BI is the best software package for you and your business.

Power BI License

Power BI has four license types. Free, Pro-$9.95, Premium-$19.99, and capacity, starting at 5K. I will determine what license will be the best for your organization. Microsoft determines license costs, and BPS does not mark up Power BI license price.

Discovery and Log In

I will log in, and take an initial view of the data. Once connected, I will review the data, and formulate the best plan to create your report.

Model Report and Slicers

BPS will model your report in PowerPoint and determine what slicers will be employed. We will model how these slicers will be displayed. For example, would you like slicers across the top or side of the report? Do you want the report broken up by year, month, week, or something else?

Review Data and Create Model

All Power BI reports are dependent on a data model. Data modeling is one of the four pillars of Power BI report development. It allows you to connect different data tables in your Power BI report by creating relationships. A properly designed data model will significantly improve your reports and outputs.

Portal Setup / Security

I will set up the Power BI portal and import users. I will ensure your Workspaces have proper licensing and security, implementing Row-Level Security (RLS) to restrict data access for specific users per your design.

Paint Report

I will paint or create your Power BI report according to the above specifications. I will create any DAX, M or R code needed to facilitate sums or formulas.

Check Numbers

I usually like to check my new Power BI report numbers vs an existing report, but this is not always possible. If there are no numbers to validate against, I ask the end customer if the numbers look reasonable. In MOST cases, there are opportunities for improvement.

User Training

Train users on how to access the report and how to make changes in Power BI Desktop.

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